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Here are some of the answers to the questions you may be asking yourself.
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Q. What is Jani-King Safety Manager?

A. The Jani-King Safety Manager is an online workplace health and safety system. Jani-King Safety Manager was buil...

Q. Does this System guarantee compliance with WHS legislation?

A. No. Because the system requires some work on your part too, it will not work by itself!

This system i...

Q. How can I perform risk assessments with Safety Manager?

A. Once you are joined as a Member, you will have access to your own Member Area with a...

Q. How do I upload documents to the system?

What documents can I upload?
Any documents that exist on your com...

Q. How do we improve WHS - the Risk Rating System

A. A strong commitment and implementation of WHS in the workplace is very important.

You will note tha...

Q. How does Safety Manager Work?

A. How the System Works
Safety Manager makes s...

Q. More Info and Online Tools Safety Manager Has

A. Some of the resources and tools you have as a member of Jani-King Safety Manager: ...

Q. What are our Health and Safety Procedures?

A. Our Jani-King (Australia) Health and Safety procedures underpin our commitment to ensuring, so far as is reasonably p...

Q. What are the WHS Laws?

A. The laws relating to WHS/OHS in Australia are outlined in the relevant state's WHS/OHS legislation.
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