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Jani-King Safety Manager is about making WHS (OHS) easy for your business.


Once you register your interest Jani-King Safety Manager , you will be given a Member Area with all the tools and forms you need to manage WHS.

The BEST PART is that you don't have to figure out what to do and when - as a Member you'll receive regular email reminders with easy to follow instructions on which form to use and when - simply login follow instructions and create and save the record then log out!

It's WHS in as little as 15 minutes per week!

And - everything is online for you to access at any time!

Jani-King Safety Manager tells you what to do and how to do it by sending you regular, easy to follow email reminders with instructions on how to login and use your Member Area tools to make the WHS the records you must have to ensure compliance.


You don't need to spend time working out what to do and when. Jani-King Safety Manager will remind you what is due and when. Typical Jani-King Safety Manager members only need to spend 15 minutes per week on WHS - it's that easy!


Once you are a member, Jani-King Safety Manager shows you what to do to comply in no time at all - and even a complete WHS novice can use the system. No experience necessary - we show you how! -


Finally - the 'WHS IM History' screen tells you how you are going and even provides you with a 'risk rating' score, so you can see where improvement is needed. This is the screen you'll see each time you login as a Member.

Then, you'll notice the icon on the top right of the WHS IM History Screen' called the 'MY WHS/OHS Resources'. Clicking through to this area provides you with all the online tools you need to manage WHS really easily and quickly - free WHS Policies and Procedures manuals, WHS tasks/risk assessments, workplace inspections, registers, induction forms and more!

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