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New system upgrade - Jani King Safety Manager ready for 2012 OHS Laws

Jani King Safety Manager has ordered another upgrade to its online OHS system software to be ready for the new national 2012 OHS laws.

Jani King Safety Manager is built on Australian Standard 4801, with a list of resources and tools that make managing OHS easy for small-medium sized businesses across 20 industry types.
Whilst some of the changes that the new 2012 national OHS laws will bring are significant, the upgrade required to the Jani King Safety Manager system is fairly minimal and at this point only some policies and procedures need updating, whilst the remaining resources will only require minor cosmetic changes.
The online OHS system is the most affordable and comprehensive on the market.
Jani King Safety Manager works by giving members access to the easy to use tools such as:
Workplace ohs risk assessments, workplace safety inspections, ohs policies and procedures manuals, ohs plans, contractor insurance registers, JSA and more.
Members purchase a 12 month access to Jani King Safety Manager, which includes all upgrades and business support.
Those members are then notified by a unique email reminder system plan that guides them through the tasks they need to perform and the records they need to make, using Jani King Safety Manager.
"For the majority of businesses out there, we call it 'OHS in 15 minutes per week' as most will have already spent time and resources on creating and maintaining a safe workplace.
Jani King Safety Manager allows them to record and follow up actions that are required so nothing is left to chance. Our members really only need to login when the system reminds them to or if there is an incident," said Chris Beasley, an Executive Director of Jani King Safety Manager.
This allows businesses to spend more time ensuring the workplace is both profitable and safe.
"OHS Consultants cost thousands of dollars and that's great, as we are of the opinion that they are worth every penny. The issue is that most of the 92 percent of Australian workplaces out there that are small-medium sized businesses simply don't have the budget to spend. Jani King Safety Manager solves this issue," says Chris Beasley.
For the months from May - July 2011, Jani King Safety Manager offer 20 percent discount for the next 100 workplaces that join off the normal retail price of $299 for 12 month's access.

To get that offer, members must join online and add the coupon number 114 in the relevant coupon field on the payment screen.

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