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Workplace Safety Inspection Form

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This form is to be used for regularly assessing the general safety of the workplace.

Select "yes" next to the related field if everything is in order, or NA if the question does not apply to your workplace.

Any "no" answer you select will open a 'Task/Issue Identified' area that must be completed, where the specific task/issue will need to be described, e.g. The handrail on the stairs on the first floor has come loose at the wall.

These tasks/issues will automatically create a 'Task' that can be viewed within your Member's Area.

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  Inspection #1382348

Report Date: Friday, 3 August 2012

Entered By: support@enotia.com.au

Client Name:

1.Are stair handrails in place and in good condition? Are stair treads/carpet in good condition? Safety gates/locks working properly?Yes
2.Are corridors and exits free and clear of all obstructions, with furniture arranged to provide easy access to the exit?Yes
3.Exit doors swing in the direction of exit travel? Closed/locked?Yes
4.EXIT signs in correct place and all lit up? Emergency lighting working in exit corridors?Yes
5.Fire Extinguishers (1) in place under correct signage (2) mounted on wall bracket (3) Tagged within last 6 months (4) Visible and accessible? (5) Out of reach of children?Yes
6.Hose reels tagged in last 6 months? Hose reel cupboards are not being used as storage cupboards?Yes
7.Smoke detectors displaying correct LED colour (check with maintenance), fire panel not displaying error. Is fire sprinkler head clearance of 45 cm maintained (nothing stacked near the sprinkler)?Yes
8.Are fire evacuation plans posted throughout the workplace – known to employees? Do you run regular fire drills?Yes
9.Are extension cords used ONLY temporarily? No overloaded electrical sockets? Correct adapters in use where needed? All electrical cords free of fraying, patches or splicing?Yes
10.All appliances tagged in the last 12 months?Yes
11.All electrical switchboard covers closed tightly? Switches labelled where their purpose is not obvious?Yes
12.Light globes/strip lights in good repair with correct covers?Yes
13.Housekeeping: Clean, clutter-free floors, cupboards, shelves and work surfaces? Waste buckets/rubbish bins not overfilled? Mops, brooms and slip-hazard signs available?Yes
14.Shelving and cupboards: Stacked so that light items are high up with heavier items down low? Not overstacked? In good repair (check brackets and hinges)? Child locks in place?Yes
15.Chemicals: Stored in dry, secure areas with no extreme temperatures? MSDS’ for all and in right place? Labels with First Aid info on all spray / squeezy bottles? Out of reach of children?Yes
16.Unused items and valuables stored out of reach of customers/clients/visitors? Storage cupboards locked?Yes
17.Office free of clutter and trip hazards? No overloaded electrical sockets? Shelves well stacked and in good repair? Plenty of legroom under desk?Yes
18.Office chairs offer good support and in good repair? Screen clean and visible? Adequate work space on desk?Yes
19.Injuries: First Aid Kit Labelled and fully stocked? Kit out of children's reach? Workers Compensation Poster on display? Emergency phone numbers (poisons info; medical emergency etc) posted on or near telephones? Yes
20.Furniture: All chairs, tables in good condition and well arranged? All furniture in good repair (check screws and brackets underneath)? Yes
21.Floors: All carpets and tiles in good repair. Floor surfaces made of non-slip material or have non-slip mats? Yes
22.Environment: No excessive noise? Adequate lighting? Air free from irritating or nuisance odours? Walls and other areas free from mildew, mould and excessive dusts? No flaking paint on walls? Yes
23.Manual Handling procedures on display where necessary? Adequate lifting/climbing equipment available where necessary? Yes
24.Toilets clean with dry floors and free from litter? Toilet seats/hand dryers in good repair? Yes
25.Kitchenette: Microwave/sandwich maker/kettle etc clean, tagged, in good repair? Fridge at correct temperature with seals intact? Yes
26.Emergency procedures - staff are trained? All familiar with WHS Policy and Procedures manual emergency procedures? Yes
27.Office free of clutter and trip hazards? No overloaded electrical sockets? Shelves well stacked and in good repair? Plenty of leg room under desk? Yes
28.Security: Where used, CCTV/security arrangements adequate? Outdoor areas, paths, stairs and parking areas well lit and in a safe condition? Yes
29.Computer screens are visible, clear and clean? Yes
30.Adequate filing and storage space? Yes
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